Tattooing FAQ

  • How old can I be to get a tattoo in Oklahoma?

LEGALLY according to Oklahoma state law you MUST be 18 years of age to get tattooed  by any  artist. Either in a licensed studio or in your friends house, it is illegal for anyone to tattoo a minor. Not only will the person applying the tattoo be in trouble, but so will your parents.
  • If I am under 18, can my parents sign for me to get a tattoo?

Nope, this is illegal.

We’re happy to take walk-ins on a first come, first served basis, when we can, but we can’t guarantee availability. It’s probably a good idea to make an appointment. If you have a custom tattoo in mind, or just an idea, this allows a little time for you to talk to the artist and for the artist to draw for the tattoo. It is best to bring any and all references into the studio, to help the artist understand your vision most accurately.

That will depend on many factors such as location, detail, and how long it takes the artist to complete the work. However, we do have a $50 minimum for any tattoo. When you come by for a consultation, we’ll give you an estimate. If it’s something really big like a sleeve or a back piece, we charge by the hour because it’s tough to estimate how long something like that will take. Larger pieces are usually done in sessions, usually 3 to 4 hours each, and we can spread those out as far as you’d like, so the cost is spread out, too. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL OR CALL US FOR AN ESTIMATE. WE DO NOT GIVE ESTIMATES OVER THE PHONE OR INTERNET.

We sure do. While most shops are cash-only, we understand that less people travel or carry cash, and so we are set up to accept all major credit cards for your convenience. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS.

If you feel like the artist did a good job and provided you with what you wanted, then sure, a tip would be appropriate.

It is, and all of our artists and piercers have the required state certification. In addition to being licensed, our artists take their stations extremely serious ensuring that cleanliness and sterilization is our top priority. If you have not had a chance to visit our shop, we invite you to see, first hand, the measures our team has taken to be clean and professional.

No, sorry. We only do the real ones.

No, we do not.

No, we do not. Although white tattoos are a popular trend, they have the potential to turn yellow and/or cause the appearance of scarring upon healing, and some even produce unsightly keloids in the long run. The truth is that white tattoos are meant for highlighting, not for complete tattooing.

Yes, all of our artist will tattoo your feet. Some of our artist do not want to tattoo your hands and neck, unless you already have tattoos located there. Why? We know that highly visible tattoos like hand and facial decorations can cause the wearer to become the subject of ridicule or impede their chances of finding employment. If we feel you don’t seem to be ready for that kind of heavy responsibility, we cannot in good conscience allow you to get such a tattoo.  All of our artists here are experienced and we do guarantee our work as long as you follow our after care instructions. However, we do NOT guarantee tattoos on the neck, hands, or feet. If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact us- but it's best to come into the studio so we can see exactly what's happening.
  • Can I get a tattoo while pregnant or nursing?

We do not tattoo anyone who is pregnant or nursing. Your system is under tremendous stress from dramatic changes that leave you and your baby susceptible to increased risks of infection, allergic reaction and/or rejection.  It is best to wait until you are finished nursing before considering a new tattoo or piercing.

Piercing FAQ

  • How old do I have to be to receive a piercing?

You must be at least 14 years of age to receive a body piercing? However, we can pierce the earlobes of younger children. We agree with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) who recommends waiting until a child is old enough to take care of the piercing his/herself. Consequently, we will not perform earlobe piercings on anyone who cannot engage in some sort conversation about the risks and benefits.  This age of reason seems to occur around 8 yrs of age for most children. WE WILL NOT PIERCE FEMALE NIPPLES OR MALE/FEMALE GENITALIA ON ANYONE UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE.
  Please see our "Services & Requirements" page for documents needed.
  • How long does a piercing take to heal?

Different individuals and different piercings have different heal times.  Four to six weeks is the average first stage of healing; actual healing can take well over a year. Even if your piercing is no longer swollen or tender it is not necessarily healed. Most of what people consider healed is far from it.
  • Can I get a piercing while pregnant or nursing?

We do not pierce anyone who is pregnant or nursing. Your system is under tremendous stress from dramatic changes that leave you and your baby susceptible to increased risks of infection, allergic reaction and/or rejection.   It is best to wait until you are finished nursing before considering a new  piercing. On a brighter note, if you already have a piercing that is healed and comfortable there is rarely a medical reason to take out your jewelry. There are flexible jewelry alternatives available if as your pregnancy progresses any problems with fit or comfort arise.
  • How long before I can change my jewelry?

The appropriate time for changing jewelry varies depending on what you get and how well you take care of it. (For instance, if you sleep on your piercing it will likely take longer than average time to heal and subsequently lengthen the amount of time before jewelry can be changed or removed.) Unless your jewelry change is prompted by a healing issue it is best to wait and err on the side of caution. It is always advisable to have the first few jewelry changes done professionally and to wait a minimum of 6 months before doing changes independently. Come in for a quick post-piercing check-up. We will gladly help you determine your readiness to switch and go over some of the long-term care considerations that will keep your piercing happy for the long haul.
  • What do I do if I think I have an infection?

Often times what people think of as an infection is simply irritation. Left unchecked, an irritation can lead to in infection. If your piercing is not 100% come into the studio and let us look at it. If there is intense redness, heat, dark or odorous discharge or pain, seek a professional medical doctor without delay. Important: Bacteria causes infection, not piercings or jewelry. Removing jewelry closes piercings and seals infectious waste in the body. It is counterproductive to actually treating infection but that does not stop some healthcare workers from allowing personal prejudice to affect professional judgment.