Jody Benner


Tattoo Artist/Owner

Jody has been tattooing over 33 years, most of that time in Oklahoma. In 1995 he opened Mystical Illusions in Colorado, as tattooing was illegal here in Oklahoma.  Back home in 1998 he continued his aspiration in helping tattoo become legal here. He has taken multiple trophies and has had his work in many publications.

Big Jimmy Paulk


Tattoo Artist

Originally from New Orleans, Jimmy has been tattooing for over 20 years. He has traveled the world tattooing at conventions. He has tattooed in over 17 different countries. He has taken multiple trophies and has had his work in several publications.

James Hogan


Tattoo Artist

James is a native Oklahoman, born and raised. He has been tattooing here locally for 11 years. As a mostly self taught artist, he continues to learn and grow as the industry does. He enjoys various styles of the tattoo art form. Everything from Neo-traditional, trash polka, black and grey, and color. If it different or unique, he is always happy to help. James has been with the Mystical Illusions family for 7  years of his career and intends to be here many more. So, come in and see James for your next tattoo adventure.

Stephanie Brandl


Tattoo Artist

Stephanie apprenticed in Las Vegas and then worked there for 2 1/2 years.  She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UW Milwaukee. In the 6 yrs that she has been tattooing, she has done multiple guest spots all over the country.