Unless you are a walk-in client getting tattooed on the spot, an appointment can not be made without a deposit. Therefore, appointments must be made in person at the shop.
Deposits are required to book an appointment and are a down payment for your tattoo. You will get to use your deposit upon getting your tattoo.
Deposits are non-refundable, and non-transferable to another person or design if you change your mind. You can risk losing your deposit only if you do not follow the policies below. If you violate one of the deposit policies listed below you will need to come in and pay another deposit to make or keep any future appointments.
Deposits must be paid in person.

If you are more than 15 minutes late without calling ahead of time you will be considered a no-call no-show and you will lose your appointment and your deposit.

A 24 hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule your appointment. This is to make sure we have enough time to fill your spot, as we count on our clients showing.  Any cancellation of an appointment forfeits any deposit. If you wish to keep your deposit, you can reschedule your appointment.  You must make real contact with your artist if you need to cancel. This means via phone, Facebook, email or face to face. Voice mail is only checked once a few times per week so please do not cancel via voicemail. If your artist is unaware of your cancellation it's on you. It is your responsibility to make contact with us.  

Our artist's time is very limited and valuable, please respect that.


If you chose to bring your child into our establishment, please bring someone else with you to care for them if you are getting tattooed or pierced. We are not responsible for your children or their actions. Noise is to be kept to a minimum so that way our artists can concentrate in comfort. If there is running and screaming you will be asked kindly to take your child out of our establishment. Most of us here at Mystical Illusions are parents ourselves, so we understand how children can get sometimes. This is why we ask you to keep them on their best behavior when visiting us.