Mystical Illusions has been serving Oklahoma for over 16 years. We provide great quality work at reasonable prices. We strive for customer satisfaction and pride ourselves on being the very best! We pride ourselves on our hospital sterilization and being the cleanest shop in the state!

In any tattoo and piercing studio, the primary concern is typically health and safety - specifically, what sterilization techniques are used by the shop.

At Mystical Illusions , our primary focus is offering a safe, clean and sterile environment in order to protect both our patrons, as well as our artists. We use new sterilized needles, sterilized equipment, single use inks every time. All of our ointments, pigments, needles, gloves, razors, plastic barriers, and ink caps used in applying your new tattoo are discarded after use.

In fact, our work surface sterilization process follows the same stringent procedures (before, during and after a procedure) that you would find in a medical practice.

We ensure that there are multiple steps taken within this stringent process in order to ensure there are multiple protective barriers for the purpose of infection prevention.

We use a medical grade disinfectant for all of our equipment and stations, as well as ensuring clip cord covers, machine covers, multiple paper and plastic barriers (such as lap cloths) around work areas, and even bottle covers are in place prior to starting your procedure.

In addition to following strict guidelines for the sanitizing of work spaces, we provide strict sterilization techniques to all of our equipment. All of our instruments and needles are sterilized by autoclave sterilizers. Autoclaves work by using a combination of heat, steam, and pressure to kill pathogenic microorganisms. Autoclaves are the most dependable systems available for the sterilization of tattoo and piercing equipment. We keep detailed logs of the autoclave use and our autoclaves are tested and monitored by an independent laboratory.

We also ensure that we open the individually wrapped tools out of their package in front of you before beginning our session, so that there is no concern of where the tool has been prior to performing its function.

We take the time to ensure that your safety and ours is considered before, during and after your procedure.

If you'd like to learn more about the sterilization procedures used at Mystical Illusions, we'd be more than happy to chat with you!


Tweety - Manager